Bxx: Haunted (Web Series)

When Daniel Knauf ("Carnivale", "Spartacus: Vengeance") created what he calls the Bxx narrative, he had to create new tools just to write the script. By opening up new dimensions in storytelling, he couldn't rely on the tools that worked for him in the past on traditional projects.


Website Puts You in the Director's Chair

If you've ever wanted to be a director, here's your chance. There's a new and unique scary movie experience happening online, that puts you in the directors chair.

The project is called Bxx: Haunted, six actors were put in a house with 16 cameras rolling non stop for almost two days. What happens next is up to the viewer to decide.

The 33 hour paranormal investigation show happens in real time, so the actors don’t get any breaks from action to cut.